Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a written Right to Know program?

YES. We will email you a sample written program template that you may use. Once completed a hard copy of the program should be kept with your written chemical list.

In my welcome packet I have posters and wallet cards. What should I do with them?

The posters should be prominently displayed in each department. The wallet cards should be given to your core managers to assist them in accessing

Do I need a written inventory list of our hazardous chemicals? Can I save and print that list?

YES. OSHA requires that all employers have a written inventory list including each hazardous chemical used in the workplace. Once you have inventoried your hazardous chemicals you can then select them in the database. After you have checked each chemical click download and the list will be exported to an "Excel" file which you can print and also save to your computer. A hard copy of the list should be kept with your written program.

When creating my written inventory list from, I found one of my products missing from the database, what should I do? presently has over 24,000 automotive related chemicals in their database and has made every effort to ensure the most complete database possible. SDS's are loaded into the system on a daily basis. In the event that a SDS of a chemical that is use in your workplace is not found, the following procedures should be taken.

  • Non-emergency - Please contact at 888-960-0680.
  • For an emergency - Please contact INFOTRAC at 800-535-5053.
  • For Paints please contact the Manufacturer or distributor. Due to the volume of SDS's and the frequent Changes it is not practical to include them in this database.

What information/training do my employees need?

OSHA requires that employees be informed/trained on the hazards and safe use of chemicals used in their workplace. It also requires employers to provide availability to safety data sheets.

Do all of my employees need to have access to

NO. OSHA requires employers to provide SDS's for employee review. This can be met by giving your core managers access to the database.

What is the time frame that OSHA requires me to have SDS's available for my employees?

OSHA requires that SDS's are readily available for employee review. This is accomplished by having the employee request an SDS from their manager who will retrieve the SDS from

What is the best way to find a Safety Data Sheet on has two ways to search for a safety data sheet. The primary search is to enter any word in the Product Name box. (i.e.: Car Brite, Valvoline, oil, car wash, brake fluid). Your secondary search is to enter the product manufacturer's name in the Manufacturer box. (i.e.: General Motors, GM, Ford, Ashland, 3M). You may refine your search by entering search words in both the Product Name and Manufacturer search boxes.

Hint: If your SDS does not show up try the Product Name in the Manufacturer box or the Manufacturer in the Product Name box.

Can I print a SDS from

YES. Each safety data sheet in the database is in PDF format. Once you access a SDS you can print it by clicking on the printer icon.

What if the internet is down and I need an SDS?

If you cannot access you can contact INFOTRAC at 800-535-5053. This should be used for emergency purposes only.

On my posters and wallet cards there is an emergency 800 number for DOT response, can I use it?

YES. has contracted with INFOTRAC to provide Department of Transportation hazard chemical spill response information to its subscribers.

There is an annual fee for How do I renew my subscription?

Once you subscribe to your subscription will be automatically renewed on your anniversary date. You will be contacted a month in advance of your renewal date. If you do not want to renew your subscription please notify by calling 888-960-0680.